Why Pannonia?

Shalom, Peace

Welcome to your credit union!  We are thrilled to have you visit and we would like to thank you for being part of our family.  Credit Unions are non-profit financial institutions, owned and operated by their members. All earnings in excess of operating expenses are returned to the membership through higher dividend rates on savings and lower loan rates.  Stated simply, we are all in this together; we are one team!

Member’s savings are insured for up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), a federal government agency.

Who Can Join?

Chartered in February, 1938, Pannonia Federal Credit Union is an established financial institution with members throughout the United States. You are eligible to join if you are a current member of one of our sponsoring organizations. For a complete list please contact us at (215) 364-9900. Once you have joined Pannonia FCU, your family members are also eligible to join.

 ”Once a Member, Always a Member”

Once you join our Credit Union, you will have access to our services forever, even if you move. All members are kept informed of our services through this website, monthly newsletters, and special periodic mailings. Join today so you and your family members can benefit from the many services of the Credit Union.